Awad is an award winning multi-lingual journalist with over 15 years’ experience in television news and film production.
He developed, wrote, produced, and directed over eight documentaries in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe on wide-ranging topics like the “War on Terror,” Palestine, migration, far right extremism, and Islamophobia, racism, identity, social cohesion, gangs, far right, and extremism.
His films have been screened at universities, cultural centers, and across community town halls in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States and have been viewed by millions of people.
In 2020, his special two-part documentary series entitled Jerusalem: A Rock and a Hard Place was presented the Bronze award by the New York Festival TV & Film Awards. Awad’s digital documentary Sons of Jerusalem got a finalist mention and a winner at the Telly Awards. Awad’s documentaries tackled one of the thorniest conflicts in today’s world.
Awad is currently an international news executive, media consultant, and researcher. His experience extends to hostile environments in areas such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, and the occupied Palestinian territories. He has received training in ethical journalism and war zones by the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights.
Currently, Awad is an Executive News Producer for Al Jazeera Media Network. He has led and coordinated several major stories in the field for Al Jazeera English, including countries such as Iraq, Syria-Turkey border, Libya, and the occupied Palestinian territories.
AJE’s  news team, led by Awad, was nominated for the Golden Nymph Award for AJE’s breaking news coverage of the U.S. Embassy relocation to occupied Jerusalem. He also played a key role in AJE’s coverage of the Mosul war and NATO offensive in Libya producing several exclusive stories.
Awad is passionate about mentoring media students, local journalists, and freelancers.
He co-edited the book Journalism in times of War, which focuses on the unsung heroes of local journalism. Awad also writes and publishes news and feature articles.
As a certified media trainer with experience in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Awad assisted several TV networks by re-organizing their newsrooms and planning departments, bringing them in tune with international media standards.
He consulted several TV stations in Asia and Africa to help them develop and train their staff to produce the best content under tight deadlines and limited resources.



Over 15 years’ experience in television news. Currently an Executive Producer for South and Central Asia. Previously Acting Executive Producer for Middle East and North Africa. Key coverages include: Palestine-Israel conflict, Arab Spring, Libya War, War in Syria, Mosul offensive, Turkey Elections, War on terror in Europe, India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Brief stints covering news in Asia-Pacific and Africa.


Student Union President. Awad led several campaigns for students’ right to free education. Spent several years researching the rise of right-wing trends in Europe, Media bias, and Europe’s fraught relation with its minorities. Led major campaigns for social and international human rights issues.


Thesis: Muslim youth, violence, race, and nation-states. Why do young people turn to violence? A precursor study on the intersections of nationalism, identity, race, crime, class, gang formations, and social rites ahead of the rise of ISIL.


Graduated with Merit in politics and international relations. Teaching Arabic. Diploma in teaching English as a foreign language. Dissertation: Examining integration of Muslim youth in Northern Europe. Received a distinction and recommended for publication.


Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach. Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority.

The Economic and Social
Research Council part of
UK Research and Innovation.
ESRC PhD studentship in Middle
East Politics at
Exeter University.

Awad was twice awarded one of the most prestigious postgraduate scholarships in the UK. Formerly registered PhD student with the title “The Call of Duty: The rebel Sheikhs and European Muslim Fighters.”

Aljazeera Media Network
Ambassador for the Aljazeera
Media Institute

Al Jazeera Ambassadors is a non-profit initiative launched by the Al Jazeera Media Institute in 2012 to provide training to young media students and professionals in developing countries.

SOAS, University of London

Awarded the Summer Scholarship for pioneering student research on racism and youth rituals and cultures amongst minority youth in Europe.

The United Nations Model
UN Programme

Awarded the best prize for diplomacy, promoting peace and justice.

Friends of University
of Birzeit
Goodwill Ambassador

Fobzu is a UK charity championing the right to education—through scholarships, fellowships, and advocacy—for Palestinians under occupation and in exile.


Producer and Director

Animation: The story of Dr Meir Margalit

Producer and Director 

Jerusalem: A Rock and a Hard Place (Part 1)

Jerusalem: A Rock and a Hard Place (Part 2)

Producer and Director 

Outsourcing Torture: How Three Danish Men Face Lebanese Torturers

Producer and Director

English ‘Till I die: The Changing face of Britain (English)

Producer and Director

English ‘Till I die: The Changing face of Britain (Arabic)

Producer and Director

Denmark's Gang War

Producer and Director

Denmark’s Gang War (Arabic)

Producer and Director

Witness - Journey Home - Part 1

Producer and Director

Witness - Journey Home - Part 2

Journey Home (ِِArabic)

Denmark's Strict Immigration Regulations (Reporter)

Gang Wars Rage in Denmark

Inside Ajdabiya

A long journey home Part 1

Witness - Journey Home Part 2

A long journey home Part 3

In my view

Gang-related violence mars streets

Awad’s Articles
Animation: “Shooting Jerusalem: A glimpse Into Life in a Segregated City”

Filmmaker reflects on the making of his documentary and his bid to find out what it means to live in and identify with the city of Jerusalem.

“Sons of Jerusalem”

What is it like to live in a divided city? “Sons of Jerusalem” is the story of a father and son living in the Old City.

by Awad Joumaa - 15 May 2019

“Journalism in Times of War: A Middle East Perspective”

Last year was one of the deadliest for journalists. Will 2018 be any better? Al Jazeera's Media Institute launches a book to help reduce violence against journalists in the region.

by Awad Joumaa - 24 Jan 2018

“A New Era for Denmark as Left Takes Power”

A loss for the right in the Danish parliamentary election has turned the country in a different political direction.

by Awad Joumaa - 4 Oct 2011

“Danish Party Urges Arab TV Ban”

People's Party says Al Jazeera and other Arabic channels sow hatred against Western society in immigrant communities.

by Awad Joumaa - 2 Nov 2010

“Interview: Palestine's Storyteller”

Naji al-Ali became the voice of dispossessed Palestinians before he was assassinated.

by Awad Joumaa - 6 Sept 2009

“Denmark's Forgotten Asylum Seekers”

Those seeking refugee status find themselves stranded in an immigration no-man's land.

by Awad Joumaa - 16 Mar 2009

“A Journey Home”

From Denmark to Palestine—one man's journey to the home he has never known.

by Awad Joumaa - 13 Jul 2009


A selection of testimonials about Awad’s work, including his edited book, journalism career, research, and media training.

  • “Very Intriguing project!”

    Noam Chomsky is one of most cited scholars alive and is known as one of the most important intellectuals of our time.
  • Journalists must be honest and courageous, especially in times of war, when it is difficult for people to find out the truth. This book, written by young journalists who have engaged in a battle to defend independent journalism and paid a heavy price for their adherence, offers valuable experiences and testimonies. It could certainly act as a catalyst for further struggle for freedom in this troubled war. Whoever helps people learn the truth deserves special mention.

    Tawakkol Abdel-Salam Khalid Karman is a Yemeni Nobel Laureate, journalist, politician, and human rights activist.
  • A fascinating read and excellent resource for understanding the challenges of reporting in the Middle East, where in recent years a plethora of new conflicts and the spread of social media and new technology tools have revolutionized journalism more than anywhere else in the world. The book lays bare many of the pitfalls and opportunities of this new reporting environment.

    Donatella Rovera, Senior Crisis Adviser at Amnesty International.
  • As his Dean, I came to know of his intellectual and academic abilities. I want to say that Awad will become a first-class public intellectual. His work was very clearly a work, not only of Distinction level, but publishable in an academic journal. Among other things, the meticulousness of his gathering of evidence, together with his mature deployment of argument, were striking. He has a first-class mind. I say that unreservedly.

    Stephen Chan OBE, Professor of International Relations School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London.
  • “Awad is an engaged, intelligent, committed, and interesting researcher. I loved his research at SOAS, so did Professor Charles Tripp! We were both very impressed with his work in it, with his originality, and with his primary research. I know Awad for his quality of work and conscientiousness and punctuality.”

    Laleh Khalili, Professor of International Politics at Queen Mary, University of London.
  • I really appreciate the content brought to us by the editors. The book is highly interesting and will serve as a reference book for any media house in Ethiopia.

    Solomon Tsegaye, Correspondent Ethiopian Broadcast Cooperation
  • The book is essential reading and practical advice not only for journalists, but also for artists, curators, and activists working in challenging situations. I have learned from it on a personal, professional, and ethical level.

    Dorian Batycka, Journalist, Curator and Art Critic
  • Journalism in Times of War is of absolute value; communicating concrete experiences of local media professionals in the Arab world, this unique, up-to-date, well-balanced, and informative guidebook has offered me essential perspectives and tips on best dealing with creating responsible and important journalism in a context where the challenges are countless but the need for coverage and documentation is increasingly crucial.

    Masih Sadat, Editor-in-Chief at Turban Times
  • It is such a great project to have the war correspondents speak of their experiences and their craft inside the covers of a single volume.

    Juan Cole, Author
  • This is intimate on-the-ground journalism that grasps the devastation and suffering of conflict and the difficulties encountered when reporting. The diverse stories of journalists working in volatile conditions draw the reader in and make visible how challenging it can be to reveal the truth.

    Jenifer Fenton, Poynter Journalism Fellow-in-Residence at Yale
  • I met Awad during a training and mentoring session on career advice for students applying to university. His talk was amazingly inspiring. I enjoyed all aspects of it. The insights to how Awad built his own career going from humble beginnings to be an Executive Producer working for one of the largest TV networks in the world was valuable. He imbued in me, in a short time, the importance of having a good work ethic. The training session was motivational for me and my classmates.

    Yazan alkawass - Student at Istanbul Erkek Lisesi.
  • Awad is a very strong field producer and a senior Executive Producer at a 24-hour international news channel. He has a special focus on Middle East conflicts and has produced and directed documentaries. He has a keen eye for detail and strong editorial judgement. He has been involved in the planning and newsgathering of many Al Jazeera news specials and puts his whole-hearted effort into his work. If anyone knows how the field works and what is and isn’t a story, it’s Awad.

    Renee Odeh, Head of Output at Al Jazeera Media Network
  • Awad is a professional. He knows how to deal with breaking news.

    Ali Hashem is a former correspondent at BBC and currently working for Al Jazeera English.
  • It was a pleasure to work with Awad. He is both creative and organised (a rare combination). Knows what he wants but always willing to listen to new/different ideas.

    Stephen Phelps is a Writer and Consultant Editor.
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